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About Us

We are your Knit Kit Community

We are all knitters. In our Yarn Shop we have been selling Knit Kits for years, successfully and increasingly. Now you have them at your fingertips – hand-picked patterns, carefully curated with hand-picked yarns from our large yarn repertoire, optionally bundled with all necessary tools.

Sign up and receive new knit kit suggestions every month. And, if you come across and fall in love with a certain pattern and cannot find a kit for it, we will pick one for you and make it a new Magical Knit Kit! You are not alone. We are a team of experienced knitters, here to assist you when you need it.

Magical Knit Kits that are on trend

You look for unique projects, ideas that represent the latest trends in fashion and knitting techniques. Projects that build on your level of knitting experience. And you deserve quality and professional consultation. It will be a magical experience.

Our large selection of various high-quality yarn lines allows us to offer unique knit kits that are also affordable. We partner with leading knitting designers; their designs will help you to pursue your personal style and interests.

Sit Down & Relax - for you and a better world

We live in a fast-paced time and there has never been a more important time to disconnect and slow down! We offer you our wing chair for an easy ordering and relaxing all-in-one knitting experience.

Knitting stimulates your brain, relieves stress, lowers blood pressure, stimulates the immune system, prevents depression, encourages math skills, hand-eye coordination and the ability to focus, clothes you and those you love, and can provide a meaningful service through countless charities. You can happily knit alone or join a knitting group – or join our Knit Kit Community!

Now get started - We are here to help!

Browse our web site and get inspired; find the right pattern/kit for your taste, knitting experience and budget. We do the rest and in only few days you have this Magical Knit Kit in your hands – maybe just in time for a holiday trip. In any case our support team travels with you! Happy Knitting!